API 1169 – Pipeline Construction Inspection

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The main emphasis of this program is on improving and ensuring safety through the use of own-er / user or third-party Pipeline Construction Inspectors specialised in Oil and Gas requirements in a manner that protects employees, the public, and the environment.

The course also provides the understanding of the requirements for fabrication, inspection and testing portions of ASME Codes for new construction and how they work with API Codes for construction, post construction inspection, repairs and alterations.

It provides the process, oil, gas, petrochemical and other process industries with the assurance that personnel trained and certified under this internationally recognized program have the re-quired knowledge and experience for the job in the field.

Course participants aspiring to be certified by American Petroleum Institute will undergo a rigor-ous program to get them well versed with the various code books and standards, including API Standards that cover maintenance, inspection, rating, repair and alteration of related equipment.

Referenced Publications:-


 American Petroleum Institute and ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code ASME IX & V

 Use API’s requirements during construction, inspection, repairs, and alterations ,of Pipe-lines (API 1169, 1104, 1110, API Specification Q1

 Review of Welding Procedures (WPS / PQR) and Welder Performance Qualifications (WPQ)

 Study confines of ASME B31.8 and B31.4.

 Study requirements of Code of Federal Regulations (USA) 29 CFR 1910, 1926, 40 CFR 112, 122, 49 CFR 192 195.

 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Requirements

 ANSI Z49.1 Safety in Welding Code.

 CGA Best Practices 11.0 Edition

 INGAA Construction Safety Guidelines

 CS-S-9 Pressure Testing (Hydro/Pneumatic ) Safety Guidelines

 ASO 9000:2005 QA Systems

 General Pipeline Design, Construction, Testing