API 610 – Practical Pump Technology

Course Reference:  WTS/12/25

Course Duration :  Five days

This five-day Course is designed to provide an in-depth perspective of pump technology in terms of selection, operation, maintenance and repair. Topics covered include pump types and terminology, centrifugal and positive-displacement pumps, packing, mechanical seals and sealing systems, bearings, couplings and other vital components. In addition, various pump types will be examined as to how they perform in their respective operating systems and advantages / disadvantages of various pump types will be discussed. Pump operation, troubleshooting and maintenance will be dealt with in depth. This Course will provide participants with a complete and up-to-date knowledge of pumps and their systems. Further, participants will learn more about selection, operation and maintenance strategies which will assist in increasing pump availability and reliability. Upon the completion of this Course, participants will be able to troubleshoot all types of pump problems.
Upon the successful completion of this Course, participants will be able to:-

• Gain a good understanding and apply the principles of the proper selection, operation, maintenance and repair of various types of pumps

• Evaluate the special purpose of positive replacement pumps, including concepts on design and repair and upgrading such type of pumps

• Discuss the failure analysis and troubleshooting of packing and mechanical seals

• Properly maintain bearings and describe the importance of couplings, alignment and various maintenance and reliability programs to analyze and minimize pump costs and improve and improve its reliability

This interactive training Course includes the following training methodologies as a percentage of total tuition hours:

50% Lectures

30% Workshops, Group Work & Practical Exercises

20% Videos & Software

This Course is designed for plant and maintenance engineers, process engineers, maintenance personnel, supervisors and reliability specialists working in a wide variety of process plant environments, such as petrochemical, plastics, power utilities, oil, gas, water utilities, wastewater etc. It should be highly valuable to senior maintenance technicians involved with pumps, their operation, and their maintenance.
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