Chemical Engineering for Non-Chemical Engineers

Course Duration:  Five days

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Upon the successful completion of this seminar, participants will be able to:- Understand the fundamentals of Chemical Engineering Do simple specifications of pumps and heat exchangers Understand mass transfer phenomena including agitation scale-up Perform simple process calculations Troubleshoot process equipment and provide fixes Contribute to process design activities Understand process drawings and link them to plant operation Apply safety guidelines to a Process or Chemical Plant Understand basic chemical engineering jargon and terminology
Industrial Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Civil Engineer

Control &Instrumentation Engineer

Plastics & Material Engineers

Maintenance Engineers

Food Scientists

Environmental Engineers

Environmental Technicians


Chemical Plant Operator

Maintenance Supervisor

Laboratory Technician

Shift Trades people

Production Operations people (Supervisors, foremen, technicians, etc.)

Chemical Engineering for Non-Chemical Engineers aims to cover the fundamental concepts of chemical engineering and provide you with a solid working knowledge associated with it. If you are a non-chemical engineer this seminar will enable you to confidently talk to and work effectively with chemical engineers and process equipment. Many technical professionals today find themselves working with large-scale chemical processes even-though they do not have formal training in Chemical Engineering. This seminar intends to fill this gap and provide you with this knowledge in the chemical engi- neering fundamentals and the ability to apply this knowledge to specify, design, operate, main- tain and trouble-shoot chemical processes.