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Worldwide Tank Services (WTS)  was formed in 1983 as Worldwide Testing Services but later changed its name to better reflect the company’s specialised services in integrity testing, project management of building and refurbishment of bulk storage tanks in the Oil & Gas Industry.  WTS operate in South East Asia, Middle East and Australasia and have completed a number of projects in the USA.

The company pioneered the lifting of Bulk Storage Tanks using  Air Bag lifting technique and has completed some 150 lifts to rehabilitate foundations and repair under floor corrosion. WTS is a regular contributor of technical papers on the process to the Australian Institute of Engineers’ gatherings and tank conferences run by NACE in the USA.

In recent times the company has developed a training branch to share with others the technical knowledge and experience gained by us over more than 28 years.

We now also  supply a comprehensive training service for pre-examination courses to persons wishing to qualify to the American Petroleum Institute – Individual Certification Program in:

API 653 Tank Inspection,

API 580 Risk Based Inspection

API 570 Authorised Piping Inspector

API 510 Authorised Vessel Inspector

Those wishing to certify in the above (and other API exams) can now make application through Worldwide Tank Services to sit these exams as part of  our group API Exam Booking run regularly throughout the year in Australia and other nearby regions.

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Latest News – Tank Inspector app released

Worldwide Tank Services introduces  an Exam Preparation app called Tank Inspector  which is designed for those that are preparing for the American Petroleum Institute’s ( API) Individual Certification Program. The app can be downloaded for free but users will have to complete in-app purchase before they can use it.

The App will offer two major functionalities to help candidates prepare for the exam.

  1. Exam simulation -Following API’s latest online exam format, the app will offer realistic testing scenario with 50 questions from the Open Book version and 100 Questions from Closed book section. Exam will time limited.
  2. Flash Cards -The app will also offer flash cards to test your knowledge of the standards from the API 653 effectivity sheet.Flashcards are information bearing cards that helps one to understand and memorize things faster and easier and is widely used by professionals for self-study purpose. API flashcards include important topics from API exam effectivity sheet and provide questions from each chapter of the standard.

Download Tank Inspector -iPhone and iPad

Download Tank Inspector -Android Phones and Tablets