Some comments from students on passing the API exams:-


“ Just to let you know I passed my exam, it wasn’t with flying colours but a pass is a pass!  Thanks for all of your help, wisdom and inspiration” ……Grant

“Attached is copy of my exam results.  I managed to pass, thankfully.  Thank you Ivor for training us so proficiently.”   ….Frank

“ Just to let you know I passed the API 653 exam.  Thank you Ivor “….Darrell

“Just thought I would let you know that I passed the API 653 exam with a mark of 122 out of 150.  Thanks for the help on the course….Troy

“First of all please accept my sincere appreciation for the valuable training session you made for terminal operations and maintenance.  I completely agree that your lecture was the most interesting I have had this year”  ….  Osama

“I passed!!!!!thank you so much”    Violet

“It would appear that you can put me down as a positive statistic.  Thank you again for your ongoing support”….Graeme

“I am successfully passed it. Please send my regard to Ivor””….Teuku”

“Just informing you yesterday I received my certificate for the API 653 qualification.  I would like to personally thank you for assisting me in gaining this qualification.”….Simon

“ Thanks for the course last week…thanks for a great experience”   Omar

“Just thought I would send you an email to thank you for the course in Brisbane earlier this year.  I received my results and find that I passed with 85%”….Sam

“ When you are in contact with the presenter, can you let him know that I was successful and managed to pass the exam”….Allan

“Well I passed, so your record remains intact on my account.  The minimum pass mark was 67% and I got 70% overall, so just fell over the line.”  Toby

“I passed the API 580”  …..  Joanna

“I passed.  Now I have to put it into use” ….Rob