The Essentials of Pipeline Integrity Management

Short Course

Course Reference:  WTS/13/90

Course Duration:   5 days

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Who Should Attend: 

The course is intended for engineers,  maintenance technicians and inspectors  responsible for the integrity, inspection,  maintenance and repair of pipelines and piping systems. The fitness-for-service and integrity techniques are based on quantitative analysis, please bring a calculator.

Course Overview:

  •  Understand the need for, and essential elements of, an Integrity Management Plan and its place within an Overall Pipeline Management System
  •  Be able to relate the Integrity Management Program to the Maintenance Plan
  • Identify relevant pipeline integrity threats to your Pipeline system
  •  Understand the importance of practical risk assessment including the concept of the safety Case
  •  Improve your knowledge of pipeline material properties, facets of mechanical design and fracture mechanics, as they combine to effect fitness for purpose (remaining life assessments
  •  Benefit from learning through pipeline defect assessment worked examples
  •  Understand common types of defects leading to pipeline failure
  •  Assess failures due to corrosion, dents and gouges, welded joint defects
  •  Understand requirements for in line inspection tool selection and performance
  •  Appreciate the importance of defect detection and sizing
  •  Develop a consistent strategy for determining corrosion and fatigue crack growth rates
  • Formulate an approach for Continuous improvement and record keeping