Viva Energy Brisbane 

Tank Foundation Remediation

About this Project

The earthen foundation of a product tank at the terminal had experienced differential settlement, which had caused the tank to list to the extent that it was beyond the verticality limits imposed by API 653. Worldwide Tank Services was consulted to advise a suitable remediation program for the tank.

Our Process

The remediation proposal prepared by Worldwide Tank Services was to raise the tank using air bag methodology, to a suitable height to permit safe access for manpower and equipment, remove the defective foundation materials, reinstate the base course to acceptable standards, and lower the tank on completion. The client took the opportunity to install a base course drainage and leak detection system from the central sump, and a 100 mm thick bitumen sand mixture over the new base course.


The site works were completed successfully with no safety incidents, on schedule and within budget, to the complete satisfaction of our client.