Course Description


Upon the successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:-
• Know the requirements & guidelines for the “VR” accreditation program and
become acquainted with the National Board Inspection Code and ASME PTC 25
• Review and employ the ASME Code Sections I and VIII and be able to explain
the pressure relief valve operation
• Discover the development & application of pressure relief valves and be able to
determine the installation requirements for pressure relief valves
• Recognize the operational malfunctions of pressure relief valves and become
familiar with the testing facilities for pressure relief valves
• Understand pressure relief device certifications and be able to review & employ
pressure relief valve repair procedure
• Gain in-depth knowledge with the method of nameplate data interpretation and be able to demonstrate the disassembly of pressure relief valves
• Review & improve the critical inspection, lapping & grinding, assembly, testing & sealing of safety relief valves
• Employ troubleshooting procedures for safety relief valves and be able to
illustrate the process of nameplate stamping
• Learn calibration of safety relief valves and perform nondestructive examination for safety relief valves
• Become familiar with the pilot operated pressure relief valves
• Determine the “VR” administrative rules & procedures
• Size PSV for Liquid, Gas & Steam Service

Who Should Attend

This is a highly recommended course for:
• Process Piping/Pipelines Engineers and Supervisors
• Pressure Vessels Engineers and Supervisors
• Inspection and QA/QC Engineers
• Maintenance personnel who inspect and install pressure relief devices
• Engineers involved in plant turnaround/shutdown and upgrade projects

Training Methodology

This interactive training workshop includes the following training methodologies as a percentage of total tuition hours:-

70% Lectures
30% Workshops, Group Work & Practical Exercises


Course Outline

A safety or pressure relief valve can be considered the most important single safety
device on a boiler or pressure vessel. If it fails to function in the manner for which it is intended and an overpressure condition develops, the result could be catastrophic.

Like all mechanical devices, pressure relief valves require periodic maintenance and repair. To properly carry out repairs, it is essential that the work be done by trained personnel under controlled conditions, using proper parts and procedures.

This State-of-the-Art course is developed in keeping with the American “National
Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors”. The National Board of Boiler
and Pressure Vessel Inspectors’ Executive Committee, realizing the importance of
proper and adequate repair of safety relief valves, approved the issuance of a
National Board Certificate of Authorization for Valve Repair and a “VR” stamp
to qualified organizations. Such organizations are required to maintain a quality
control system covering valve repairs and be able to adequately demonstrate this

In addition, a committee was formed to develop administrative procedures
and rules for the repair of valves. This committee recommended a course on valve repair to help ensure that those who carry out this work are capable and
knowledgeable. Hence, don’t blow off this chance to learn the latest information on
pressure relief systems.

The first four days of the course consists of valuable lectures on Safety Relief
Valves. The last day (Day 5) will be a practical/ overview training in a workshop
environment, where participants will witness Testing of the valve types that
were Disassembled, Inspected and Assembled in class during the week.
The course covers the conventional spring loaded Pressure Relief Valves (PRV)
and the Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valves (POPRV).




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